Explore Kohaku

Kohaku Is a Virtual World Project that lets you create your own virtual content. it's a social sandbox game for creators and develpers. the only limitations are your own imagination.


KohakuGrid Viewer

Dowload, Software,

Start by downloading the viewer to experience a social virtual life and explore our world. (is not up to date!)


KohakuGrid Status

this page contains server info and states on down time and updates.


Free Creator Tools

Design, Character, Custom Assets

Create your unique Item's With A selecsion of free dev / creator tools


New Server The Furniture Vault

Design, Custom, Room

Build and Decorate your own living space With our High Quality Furniture,


Nintendo World

MarioKart, Mario, Level's

Fun region,Project was part of testing some tools and exploring the bullet physics engine.


Stelvio Pass

Drive & Explore & Race

Explore the vast virtual growing kohaku world. Drive and exploring new landscape.